Actual Day Wedding – Elson + Suzanne

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1.3.14 – it means Love of a lifetime.

Elson and Suzanne has been together for several years by now and they decided to tie the knot on this very special day. A very romantic day that only appears once, unless we all live till 2114. heehee~

On this day, dphotofolio packed up our bags and departed for Pontian(Malaysia) to document this sweet little wedding. There’s nothing quite different from a Singapore with the gate crashing and wedding dinner except for the series of fire crackers. The couple’s definitely had a bustling big day!

We started off very early in the morning for the make-up. Gate crashing was fun and funny. It was the first time that we see the bride directing the gate crash from the window in her room. Time passed very quickly as they played. And it was finally the magic moment when Elson opened the door and see his beautiful bride sitting there and waiting for him. We can see that he was nervous and shivering a bit when he unveiled Suzanne and put on the ring for her. How sweet!

And so, morning passed quickly and it was soon late afternoon when the couple set off to decorate the place. Elson and Suzanne took the effort to source for all the decorations that they wanted. Elson prepared a little surprise song for Suzanne. He sung and played the song on the ukulele for the first time in front of Suzanne during the dinner. It was very touching indeed.

Do enjoy some of the photos we took during Elson and Suzanne’s actual day wedding.


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